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The bet way to secure your data is Defense in Depth.

At the center of every Defense in Depth diagram is databases and data. Yet as an industry, we focus most of our effort, and spend most of our money, on the perimeter. Firewalls, VPNs, networks, end-point monitoring, and identity management are all essential but, when breached, what secures your data?

Databases are not bit buckets. They contain tools that can be used to exfiltrate data and tools that can be used to support and conceal an attack: Many not requiring escalated privileges for use.

To achieve Defense in Depth you must have a solution at every level of your technology stack and a solution that will prevent inappropriate access by someone with valid credentials.

Our Resource pages are our "Proof of Competence" and we encourage you and your technical staff to explore the many code demos and detailed explanations we publish.

Then, contact us to  explore the many ways that our Subject Matter Expertise can help protect you and your organization.

Use the links, at right, to access detailed information about our services including a free, no sales pitch Lunch & Learn.

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